Oakland Historical Foundation

The non-profit Oakland Historical Foundation was formed in 1969 to preserve and disseminate the history of the town and the surrounding area.  Six years ago, the organization was revitalized when the board made a strong commitment to research, education, and dissemination of local history through exhibits and programs excluding permanently collecting artifacts. It is a non-profit corporation run by volunteers with assistance and advice provided by a local museum consultant on a project-by-project basis.  OHF has four years experience in mounting exhibits and conducting programs.  In 2004, their first interpretive exhibit, “Working Women” was mounted with a mini-grant from the Illinois Humanities Council (IHC).  “Between Fences,” (an IHC-Smithsonian Museum on Main Street exhibit) came to Oakland in 2005 and moved OHF and the community toward two goals: to increase regional historic tourism to the town, and to encourage cooperation among the various community groups interested in history.  Since then, the volunteers have installed two interpretive exhibits each year, the most recent (2008) being a celebration of the history of Oakland for its 175th anniversary.