Orlando B. Ficklin
(1885-1808) Congressman, state's attorney, politician and another Kentuckian.  He represented the Bryants and Ashmore in the various court actions, though he was not an abolitionist.  He was born and raised in Kentucky and Missouri, attending Transylvania University in Lexington to get his law degree.  He started his political career in the State Legislature, went on to serve several terms in the United States Congress including one when Lincoln was a fellow Representative, and ended his career back in Charleston as an attorney and respected leader of the Democratic Party.  Ficklin recalled many years later, "A few weeks later (after the trial) Abraham Lincoln and myself met in Washington City, on Pennsylvania avenue...The conversation turned on the Matson trial. Lincoln, with earnest tone remarked: "Ficklin, do you know that I think the latter part of your speech was as eloquent as I ever listened to?"