Anthony Bryant: Devoted Husband
(1775 - after 1848)  Anthony was a free person of color at least from 1830. Jane was his second wife, and he had married her around 1843 in Kentucky.  He moved to Illinois when she was relocated here by Matson.  As a licensed Methodist exhorter, Anthony, was able to lead the local African-Americans at Brushy Fork in services and attended to their spiritual needs.  He could read, with effort, and was respected by Matson and others in the area.  Anthony sought help for his family after Mary Corbin threatened them from his contacts in the church.  He persisted until he found Matt Ashmore.  Anthony, about 70 years old, stayed in the Oakland area after Jane and the children were imprisoned, and wasn't reunited with her until the trial concluded.  He and his family moved to Liberia in 1848 in hopes of finding a new and better life, however, the opposite was true.  Rev. Anthony met a visiting African-American minister from Springfield in Monrovia four months after they arrived, and begged him to return the family to the United States, which was not possible. We do not currently know the fate of he and his family.